Gloria Med Group is internationally known for its solid reputation and extensive experience in all fields of Phlebology.

The long story began in the medical field in 1895 in Milan, Italy, while production of  "Gloria Elastic stockings" began in 1926 in Lugano , Switzerland.

In 1936 the first fully automatic loom to produce stockings was designed and built.

In the 50s the company moved to Menaggio on Lake Como and soon became a well known brand in the field of Phlebology.

In 1990 Gloria was the first Italian company to obtain German RAL certification for its medical stockings, and becoming member of medical stockings Quality Manufacturers Association.

In 2004 Gloria Med Pharma S.r.l. was founded. The company is specialized in the distribution of sclerosing drugs and in research and development of medical devices, derma cosmetics and nutraceuticals for Sclerotherapy, Phlebology and Lymphology.

In 2008 Gloria S.r.l. turned to Gloria Med S.p.A.

In 2012 Modasana S.r.l. was founded. The company is involved in research, development and production of support socks and pantyhose.

Today, Gloria Med Group is among the most important players, with extensive experience in the field of vascular disorders and in particular to health and well-being of the legs. The quality of its products are recognized all over the world.